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For Students

Spring 2019 Course

PSYCH420: Advanced Social Psychology
(MORAL PSYCHOLOGY, Undergraduate-Level)

How do we decide whether an action is morally right and wrong, or whether a person deserves blame or forgiveness? What causes us to help or harm, cooperate or cheat? Moral philosophers have long debated these questions, but psychologists and neuroscientists use the scientific method to study these topics. This course will give you a survey of the field, and illuminate specific debates and cutting-edge trends. By the end of the course, my goal is for you to have created a research project that bridges your interests with debates in moral psychology.

Are you interested in joining the EMP Lab?

Undergraduate Students

We are currently seeking highly motivated undergraduate students to work in our lab for the fall 2016 semester. Interested students must have at least a 3.0 GPA, be extremely conscientious and attentive to detail, and be interested in empirical approaches to human morality and ethics.  We prefer students who can commit to 10 hours per week, and who can commit to work in the lab for multiple semesters.  Interested students must be able to attend the weekly lab meeting.  Experiences in this lab will provide contact with all stages of the research process, including brainstorming of ideas, literature review, stimulus development and design, study programming, running experiments, compiling and coding data, data analysis and visualization, and assisting with manuscripts and presentations. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Cameron over email for more details.

Research assistants receive course credit (PSYCH 494).  Working in the EMP Lab will provide useful research experience and be good preparation for graduate school.  Students with dual interests/majors in relevant fields (e.g., psychology & philosophy) are especially encouraged to apply.

We are currently recruiting undergraduate research assistants for the spring 2019 semester.