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  1. Principal Investigator
  2. Post-Doctoral Scholar
  3. Graduate Students
  4. Graduate Affiliates
  5. Research Assistants

Principal Investigator

C. Daryl Cameron, Ph. D.

  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Research Associate in Rock Ethics Institute

Motivation and the limits of empathy, affective dynamics of moral judgment

Post-Doctoral Scholar

Daniel Lim, Ph.D.

  • Post-Doctoral Associate

Social-environmental factors affecting our capacity for empathy and compassion

Graduate Students

Intersection of morality and mental simulation, particularly in regards to empathy
Emotional and cognitive motivations, decisionmaking surrounding empathy and altruism
Empathy regulation, moral behavior and judgment, effort-based decision-making, social neuroscience
How individual, group, and situational factors influence our perception of social emotions

Graduate Affiliates

Emotional recovery after being exposed to emotionally evocative events
Individuals’ sense of self in relation to the environment
Neurocomputational mechanisms of social decision-making and how personality modulates these processes
Social functions of emotions, how they shape moral judgement
Social class, political ideology, and how those affect one’s identity in a workplace context

Research Assistants

Understanding causes of and interventions to reduce stress
Understanding the relationship between mindfulness and well-being through the lenses of positive psychology
Balancing empathy and compassion fatigue, understanding the effects of trauma
Roles that empathy, ethics, and mood play in social interaction
Social influence on ethics, empathy, and prejudice
The relationship between moral outrage and gender stereotyping
How empathy plays a role in criminal decision-making